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Quality Control

One of the main activities of the strategic management of the company ŽÁROHMOTY, Ltd. is the assurance of the guaranteed quality of our products and services. The system of quality management and conformity assessment of own products are the instruments used for this purpose.

Quality Management Certificate

The quality management system for the development and production of unshaped refractory materials was implemented in 2002. ŽÁROHMOTY, Ltd. now holds the certificate according to EN ISO 9001.

The level of established quality management and its compliance with the relevant standard is regularly assessed by the Certification authority Technical and Testing Institute of Construction Prague, s.p. through regular recertifications.

An integral part of the quality system is internal testing of input raw materials, quality control of finished products and research aimed at developing new products or upgrading existing materials. ŽÁROHMOTY, Ltd. is equipped with its own testing laboratory. The modern laboratory equipment enable quick and quality testing according to the requirements of the current quality and test standards ČSN EN 1927. The laboratory devices are regularly calibrated by the authorized accredited test and certification institute, TZÚS Praha, s. p.

Products Certificate

ŽÁROHMOTY, Ltd. also holds a construction technology certificate and certification regarding its products, which together with the declaration of conformity are the basic documents for quality production.

The individual product certificates are available for download on the specific product pages.