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Range of products

Unshaped refractory materials

Cast-vibrating and Self-flowing castables (C)

Hydraulically bonded castables (HBC)

Chemically bonded castables (CBC) – CHEMOCAST

Insulating castables (IC) – ISOTERM

Refractory gunning materials (G)

Hydraulically bonded gunning castables (HBG)

Insulating gunning castables (IG) – ISOTERM

Ceramic bonded gunning materials – TH HMOTA

Refractory mouldable materials (M)

Refractory mortars and mastics (J)

Heat setting mortars (HJ) – MALTA G, SIMAL

Hydraulical air setting mortars (HAJ) – MALTA G

Chemical air setting materials (CAJ) – STAMAL, REZITMEL, TERMAST

Others refractory materials (O)

Patching materials and coatings (CO) – REPARIT, ALUCOAT, ALUNAT

Refractory precast shapes and blocks

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