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Special dense castables

ALUMELT castables are designed for use in the aluminium industry. With certain chemical additives ALUMELT castables are no-wetting and not-penetrating to molten aluminium and aluminium alloys.

MALCAST are alumina-spinel containing or alumina spinel-forming castables with a high refractoriness, liquid steel and slag penetration and corrosion resistance designed for the steel industry.

SICAST castables with an addition of SiC provide an exceptional resistance to slag corrosion and alkalies corrosion resistance.

KORCAST castables based on cordierite are designed for refractory linings attacked by thermal shocks.

ZIRCAST castables containing ZrO2 resist molten glass, corrosion and abrasion and are designed for the glass industry, incinerators and cement and lime industry.

Special materials
Special materials

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