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Refractory prefabricated shapes and blocks

In some applications the forming and pouring of refractory castables directly into a furnace is not practical because of the way of installation, the limited installation time or the curing and heating-up period. These are applications when precast dried shapes can save the installation time and money. The use of precast shape technology can also greatly enhance the performance and life-time of refractory linings.


  • manufacturing of complicated shapes is possible contrary to the standard pressing techniques
  • cost effective small lot production in comparison with the standard pressing
  • dimensional variability, casting of very small as well as big shapes and blocks is possible
  • controlled manufacturing of precast shapes ensures a high quality, stability and retains the guaranteed characteristics of low cement content castables and thereby high resistance to wear
  • easy and fast installations of refractory building constructions of shapes and blocks
  • controlled initial dryout reduces the risk of damage during the heating-up of refractory linings and enables shortening of the curing and heating-up of new linings

The use of precast shape technology can also increase the performance and life-time of refractory linings.


Reheating and Heat Treatment Furnaces

Steel furnaces

Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metal Foundries

Power Plants and Heating Plants

Incinerators and domestic boilers

Cement plants

Glass Works


Chemical and Petrochemical Plants

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