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Refractory mouldable materials

Refractory ramming mixes are noncoherent materials, which are supplied in premoistened status or “ready-for-use.” After filling them behind a stable shuttering, they are installed by ramming. These materials can also be supplied in dry state together with a separate liquid binder. The “ready-for-use” consistency will be achieved by using a paddle mixer on-site. The ceramic bond of the ramming mixes is developed during heating.

Plastic refractory materials are coherent and ready for use, with a plastic consistency, made up of refractory aggregates, bond(s) and liquid (s). The main bond of our Plastic materials is chemical (inorganic or organic-inorganic). They are packed bulk in plastic bags and placed by ramming (manual or mechanical). They harden at ambient temperature by chemical bonds and develop the ceramic bond during heating.

Moldable materials
Moldable materials

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